Sung-Im Her was born in Seoul, South Korea.

She studied contemporary dance at Han-Sung University where she received a Masters’ degree before working with Ji-Gu dance theatre for 6 years. Then she came to Belgium in 2004 for choreography studies (2nd cycle) at P.A.R.T.S. contemporary dance school.In 2006 and 2008 she worked with Jan Fabre/Troubleyn  for solo piece Quando l’uomo principale e une donna and group piece Je suis sang. In 2007 she went to Geneva to work with the company Alias. She joined Les ballets C de la B (Koen Augustijnen) in 2008, collaborating and performing in Ashes. Since 2009, she has worked with Needcompany, creating with Grace Ellen Barkey This door is too small (for a bear), Mush-Room (2013) and Odd but True (2014). Sung-Im replaces Tijen Lawton in “Isabella's room” and performs in “Marketplace76(2012)” and “The House of our Fathers” , “Begine the beguine(2014)”, “Just for Bolzano(2014)” and “All tomorrows parties(2014) by Jan Lauwers. And she took a charge as a movement assistance in a piece of “Time between two mistakes(2014)

In 2011, She joined physical theater group Abattoir Ferme for Monkey creation. In 2013, Abattoire Ferme's director Stef Lernous created a solo piece Entrance which was presented in Korea for soloist dance festival and presented in Mechelen, and Brigittines as a part of International festival. In 2015, Sung-Im Her & Abattoir Ferme worked together for dance theater piece and created Nymf which received the best piece of the year award in 2015, selected by Korean dance critics.   

Since 2012, Sung-Im has created 4 remarkable international collaboration pieces between dance and music, visual art and theatre. Philia, En-trance, Tuning,  Nymf has been performing in Theater Freiburg(DE), Mullae art center(KR), Ufer studio(DE), Theater Nona(BE), Les Brigittines (BE), Arko theater(KR), LIG Art Hall(KR) , Zurich specktacle(SW).

In 2015, she was selected by NRW Tanzrecherche #17 Bonn for her new research with So-mang Lee (illustrator) titled You Are Okay! after 7 weeks of research which will premier in Theatre im Ballsaal, Bonn as a part of Solo Tanz Festival in October 2017

In 2017, she was selected to be a part of Testbeds Catalyst programme which supported by Bedfordshire University and Luton Art Council, a year-long research & development programme for mid-career artists.

This year, her new creation Nutcrusher is supported by Arts Council Korea and waspremiered in Arko Theatre, Seoul, in January 2019.