“You Are Okay!”

Tour schedule 

2017 Nov 19th "K-arts Festival, University of Bedfordshire"

2018 Mar 16th "Hat Factory, Luton, UK"

2018 May 9th "Korea- EU 55 relationship, BOZAR, Brussels, Belgium"

2018 Oct 18th "Nona, Mechelen, Belgium"

2019 Apr 5th "De Woeker, Oudenaarde, Belgium"

2019 Apr 27th " De Grote Post, Oostende, Belgium"

Oct 12th (Premiere) , Oct 13th 2017

Theatre im ballsaal, Bonn (Frongasse 9,D- 53121 Bonn )

Choreography: Sung-Im Her
Illustration : So-Mang Lee
Light : Pablo Fernandez Baz
Music : Jamie Hamilton

Supported by Tanzrecherche NRW #17, NRW KULTURsekretariat(DE), Cocoon dance (DE), Seoul Arts Foundation(KR), British Council(UK), Korean Arts Council(KR), Oost Vlaanderen(BE), Testbeds / Bedfordshire University (UK)

Residence in School van Gaasbeek (BE), Cocoon dance (DE), TripSpace(UK), GC De Woeker (BE), De Grote Post (BE). Bedfordshire University(UK), Roehamptom University(UK)



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Research Back ground  

This project is deeply connected to a subject, which I have been struggling with for last 12 years in Europe. Globalisation is a process of interaction and integration among the people.  The world is becoming smaller and closer, the boundaries between countries are getting thinner, It is even hard to say what is international and national anymore. My main research focus is "where is home?" and “What is the feeling of home? ”.  I would like to search on people who lived and grew up in different culture and moved to another society, how they could or could not integrated.  The first part of this research has been already started in Germany where the first Korean immigrants generations who came abroad as mine workers and nurses in order to support their starving families back home.  I have interviewed these people who came to Germany more that 50 years ago. Why they didn’t go back and how do they feel to be in another country such a long time? Where do they feel home?

"I rounnd, You square

You asparagus, I radish

I pocket, You rocket

You there, I here

You right, I left..."

Solo Tanz Festival Bonn 2017 

12,Oct, 2017 Theatre im ballsaal 

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