You Are Okay! (2017)

This solo emerged from extensive research, interviewing Korean miners who had been living in the Rhine region for over 40 years. The piece combines the Korean song form Pansori with visceral, raw movement and vivid live illustrations, exploring the meaning of a displaced body in an alien society, the expression of self of a voice repressed.

“It's as if all the stories, memory pixels, and biographies that Sung Im Her heard in the course of her research were inscribed in her body” -  Nicole Strecker, Tanzweb

Choreography: Sung Im Her
Illustration : So Mang Lee
Light : Pablo Fernandez Baz
Music : Jamie Hamilton

Supported by NRW Kultur Tanzrecherche # 17 in Bonn, Seoul Arts Foundation , Arts Council England, Korean Arts Council, Oost Vlaanderen, NRW Kultursekretariat Wuppertal, Testbeds / Bedfordshire University.

Residencies with School van Gaasbeek, Cocoon dance, Trip Space, GC De Woeker, De Grote Post, Bedfordshire University, Roehampton University.

 Tour schedule 

2017 Oct 12th & 13th - Theatre im ballsaal, Bonn

2017 Nov 19th - K-arts Festival, University of Bedfordshire

2018 Mar 16th - Hat Factory, Luton, UK

2018 May 9th - Korea - EU 55 relationship, BOZAR, Brussels, Belgium

2018 Oct 18th - Nona, Mechelen, Belgium

2019 Apr 5th - De Woeker, Oudenaarde, Belgium

2019 Apr 27th - De Grote Post, Oostende, Belgium

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