TUNING (2014)

Tuning (Collaboration with Su-Mi Jang/Dancer,Choreographer and Thomas Jeker/Musician)

Supported by LIG Art Hall, Korean Arts Council, Theater Freiburg, Haupt Stadt Kultur Fonds, SoKultur/Lotteriefonds Kanton Soloturn

Residence in LIG Art Hall (Seoul and Pusan), Theater Freiburg, Ufer studio Berlin

Performed in Berlin Ufer studio, Theater Freiburg, LIG theatre Seoul, Switzerland Solothurn theater


The term „Tuning“ has several meanings. For musicians, „Tuning“ means to tune an Instrument. It can also mean the improvement of something, for example a car. In our next piece, tuning, we, the dancers Sung-Im Her and Su-Mi Jang, want to tune in the extreme and excessive performativity of Rock Singers.

In a rock concert masses are mobilized and surrounded by an electrifying aura. It is a complex combination of body language, music and personality, from which is a rock show draws its power and fascination.  What happens when we begin to analyze the body of rock to separate its components, isolate and recombine them ? What if , as two female dancers, appropriate the masculine body language of Rock? Dose the story of authentic rock body and its repetitive practices come to an end because it can not find genuine gestures and attitudes in an era of repetition and imitation? 

"Tuning" is not a reenactment of an existing show or the representation of a biography, abstract and combine different elements into a piece that contains the essence of what is our fascination about these icons.

EN-TRANCE (2013)

Dance Solo with Stef Lernous

"Somewhere in space there is a girl. And somewhere in that girl there is a space.
Forces that are not of this plane of existence try to find an entrance to this girl.
To see what makes her tick. To see what makes us tick"

-Stef Lernous