NYMF (2015)

Nymf (Collaboration with Stef Lernous/ Theater Director)

Supported by Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, Flamish Overheid, Stadt Mechelen, Abattoir Ferme

Residence and Performed in Mullae Art Center, Seoul, Korea

Selected as Korean Dance Critics Association “Best Dance Piece of 2015”

photo by Sang Hoon Ook

photo by Sang Hoon Ook

“Nymf is being in between a girl and a woman

Nymf is being an insect's larvae.

Nymf is a half-goddess with the appearance of a young girl, who is able to live for

thousands of years and who can possess trees, plants and flowers…

From Ovidius' Metamorphosis to Nabokov's Lolita: over many centuries a lot has been written about girls.

The mind of the teenage girl – hormonally trapped between being a kid and a grown-up – is a special one. By placing themselves in the center of their own universe they have quite a unique view on things. They all want to look beautiful, but find themselves ugly.

The idea that a girl, nymf, detaches herself from reality (from the here and now) is an especially intriguing idea. She even manages to look at herself as a stranger.

Key research : This material gives a broad spectrum of sources of inspiration to play with transformation, gender, paranoia, depression history, myth, literature and the wonderful world of insects.

Certain beauty and transformation is an important aspect of this research

- Stef Lernous