Philia (2012)

Choreograph/Dance : Sung-Im Her, Su-Mi Jang
Musician : Thomas Jeker
Supported by Theater Freiburg(DE), SPAF festival(KR), Korea Art Council (KR)
Performed in Theater Freiburg (DE), SPAF festival(KR), Zurich festival (CH)

Project concept

Philia also called brotherly love, is one of the four ancient Greek words for love. It is usually translated as friendship though in fact his use of the term is much broader. All of these different relationships involve getting on well with someone, though Aristotle at times implies that something more like actual liking is required. Friendships of the good are ones where both friends enjoy each other's characters. As long as both friends keep similar characters, the relationship will endure since the motive behind it is care for the friend. 

Exploring aspects of friendship between two women

Exploring a borderline between friendship and love in same gender


Revisit most pure childhood time when borderline between love and friendship, borderline between friendship in same gender doesn't exist yet. To fine the most pure storyline and movements.