Troi Contes

Alongside the writer and director David Lescot, this time he offers the viewer an adventure through three stories, "three separate stories, autonomous, but between which circulate elements, echoes, common themes" . Twirling with virtuosity from Andersen's famous little pea to Edgar Allan Poe's devil, and Lorenza Foschini, by Marcel Proust's enigmatic cloak, Gerard Pesson and David Lescot worked together to draw a picture book. colorful and sonorous, to offer three stories, or better: "three ways to tell a story". Either the eternity of the tale divided by three and then multiplied by a skein of sensitive threads, giving free rein to the metamorphoses of the story, and treating the marvelous with fantasy and sweetness. 

Trois Contes
Gérard Pesson (né en 1958)

Livret David Lescot en trois parties d’après, La Princesse au petit pois de Hans Christian Andersen, Le Manteau de Proust de Lorenza Foschini et Le Diable dans le beffroi d’Edgar Allan Poe 

Direction musicale Georges-Elie Octors 
Mise en scène David Lescot

Décors Alwyne de Dardel 
Costumes Mariane Delayre 
Lumières Paul Beaureilles 
Vidéo Serge Meyer 
Chef de chant Christophe Manien 

Avec Maïlys de Villoutreys, Melody Louledjian, Camille Merckx, Enguerrand de Hys, Jean-Gabriel Saint-Martin, Marc Mauillon, chanteurs

Pour Le Diable dans le beffroi
Narrateur Jos Houben 
Danseuse Sung Im Her

Ensemble Ictus