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The Place London

Tickets include entry to a post-show discussion between Sung Im Her and Amy Bell (Artist Development Manager, The Place)

Booking : https://www.theplace.org.uk/whats-on/sung-im-her

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And Then There were Two (Work in Progress)

And then there were two.
Two dance artists, Sung-Im Her and Kathryn Enright, struggle, support, and move hand in hand. One body attached to another--limiting, defining and providing access to possibility. Two mothers connected as mother to child, woman to woman, support to need, carrier to carried, despair to energy, burden to desire, joy to invigoration… inseparable for better or worse.
Her and Enright will explore the female, mothering body in physical connection. A body that is now inseparable from another, a body that seeks outside connection and validation, a body bound by limitation, energy depletion and a search for freedom. A body that pees when it jumps, a body that sags where it used to be strong, a body whose boobs belong to someone else.
The simple burden and gift of attachment drives them through space and time.

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