Actress for  Abattoir Ferme



Choreographic Assistance for  Needcompany

“Time between 2 mistakes”

Actress for  Burgtheater (Wien)/  Needcompany collaboration

“Begin the Beguine”

Dancer for  Needcompany / Grace Ellen Barkey

“Odd but True”

Dancer for  Needcompany / Grace Ellen Barkey


Dancer for  Needcompany / Jan Lauwers

“Market place76”

Dancer for  Needcompany / Jan Lauwers

“House of our fathers” (Installation performance)

Dancer for  Needcompany / Grace Ellen Barkey

“This door is too small (for Bear)”

Dancer for  Needcompany / Jan Lauwers

“Isabella’s room”


Performer for  Abattoir Ferme



Dancer for  Les Ballets C de la B / Koen Augustijnen


2006, 2008

Dancer for  Troubleyn / Jan Fabre

“Quando l’uomo principale è une donna” – solo performance


William Forsythe performance

“Human writes” – installation


Dancer for  Alias / Guilherme Botelho

“Approcher la poussière”


Dancer for  Troubleyn / Jan Fabre

“Je suis sang”



 Second Cycle, Choreography and Dance (3th & 4th year)

 P.A.R.T.S. (Performance Arts Research and Training Studios)

Artist director  Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker (Belgium)

2002-2003  Master of Arts in Contemporary Dance

 Han-sung University Graduate School (Seoul, Korea)

1995-1999 Contemporary Dance  Bachelor

Han-sung University (Seoul, Korea)



 Nutcrusher (on going project)

Korea arts Council funded , Theater Delicatessen residency.


Human Wall

Testbeds catalyst co-lab Artist : Research fellow (Bedfordshire University)

Supported by Testbeds / Bedfordshire University, Korea Arts council, Counterpoints Arts

 You are Okay!

Supported by Tanz recherche #17 BONN, Seoul dance center, Korean Arts Council, NRW KULTURsekretariat, Oost Vlaanderen, Cocoon dance

Residence in School van Gaasbeek, Trip Space , GC Woeker , De grote Post, WPZimmer, Bedfordshire University, Roehampton University



 Nymf (Collaboration with Abattoir Ferme )

Supported by Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, Flamish Overheid subsidie.

Residence and Performed in Mullae Art Center , Seoul, Korea

Selected by Korean Dance Critics Association  “Best dance piece of 2015”


Tuning (Collaboration with Su-Mi Jang, Thomas Jeker)

Supported by LIG Art Center, Korea Art Council, Theater Freiburg

Residence in LIG Art Center (Seoul and Pusan), Theater Freiburg, Ufer studio

Performed in Berlin Ufer studio, Theater Freiburg,

Korea LIG theatre Seoul, Solothurn


Entrance - Solo dance project with Abattoir Ferme

Performed in Nona Mechelen, Brigittines Brussels, Hanpac Seoul


 Philia (Collaboration with Su-Mi Jang)

Performed in Theater Freiburg, Korea SPAF festival,

Zurich spektakel festival



Roehampton University BA students Choreography

ID (Independent dance guest teacher)


University Of Bedfordshire visiting lecture position, MA dance and choreography

Refugee week yarl’s wood women detention center movement/dance teacher

US festival guest teacher (University of bedfordshire)

Trip Space Pro Series contemporary dance class


Seoul Dance center residence research classes

Dance AgeUK , senior classes

2001~2014 Hansung University Lecturer Korea


Trip Space Pro Series contemporary dance class

Theater Freiburg residence researcher classes



My entire body, include facial expression and movement, voice, story telling, singing and body movements include gesture and all kind of movement could be used as a method to express and communicate with audience. My main interest is how can we extend the borderline of contemporary physical performance. I believe “Art shouldn’t exist to comfort the audience, it should challenge them”. My artistic practice is by using the most unpolished, unsophisticated but rough, bold and raw material, researching on the most minimalistic and highly implied, abstract movement to create illusion which could give a space to observer to create their own imagination. My main interest in creation is not generating more wasteful movement but using reduced movement and creates bigger impact by repeating over the safe time line. Repetition create it’s own rytheme and while it’s progressing moment by moment it will bring different way of inhabiting a passage. Repetition of movement creates its own momentum and vibrancy. And this could create amplication of vast energy and which can create another layer of illusion.

My aim is not making contemporary dance piece but making contemporary performance by using body as a tool. And as a tool, body is genderless and every body part should be used on the stage as different instruments to communicate.       

Recent workshop : Moving Cloud workshop

Brief description :

Class will focus on how we can move consciously and unconsciously. Class will start with shadow yoga base movements, which Sung-Im Her has been practicing for 8 years, then guide into various moves which aim to give awareness of body in space and space in our body.  
Throughout class, you can find unconscious ways of moving and try to discover this unknown zone.

Teaching Experiences


Roehampton University guest teacher for BA dance students

Independant Dance studio guest teacher

Roehampton Dance BA Students performance "Meaning meaningless"



Bedfordshire University MA students choreography

Refugee week yarl’s wood detention Center movement/dance teacher(UK)

US festival guest teacher (Bedfordshire University) (UK)

Trip Space Pro Series (UK)


Seoul Dance center residence research classes(KR)

Dance AgeUK , senior classes(UK)


Hansung University workshop Teacher(KR)

Han Sung University Dance Department students choreography "Hiccup"


Trip Space Pro Series(UK)

Theater Freiburg residence researcher classes(DE)


Needcompany movement assistance(BE)