6 month drive / by SUNG IM HER

My experience of Testbeds after 1st phrase

It has been intensive 6 months for me discovering and having a glimpse of the UK arts scene, dance scene, where do I connect and where am I standing.

And at the same time I look into myself to analyse what do I want and where to drive?

photo by Rachel Cherry

10 years of dance training in Korea gave me a disciplined body, technical and skilled body.

10 years of dancing with remarkable companies in Belgium gave me rich experience as a performer and as a dance artist. What is contemporary? What are contemporary artists doing and what kind of impact do we making in this temporary life.

First year in UK, I’m learning about how I can drive with my knowledge and experience to achieve to my goal. It is exciting and scary as if you are learning how to drive for the first time in your life (still don't have a driving licence though), it‘s always easy to fail. But then you also realise that there is not such a thing of trying, it either do or don't do.

I’m driving. I’m driving my next project called “You are okay!” and I can see almost the finish line. It will happen in Oct 12th,13th as a part of solo tanz festival in Bonn.( theatre im ballzaal) In a world where we live now, as global citizens “What is Home” is particularly important question. What does home mean? And what does it mean to be a stranger in foreign county? Could you be a stranger in your own country?

This is a theme that I have been struggling for last 12 years to being a stranger and being a foreign body in everywhere I go.


And I just started my second project called “Human Wall” with beautiful dancers who I got to know in London. I’m in residence of Roehampton University to start my R &D. This piece will be the bigger picture of “You Are Okay!” under a theme of borderlines between within people.


As I said it’s scary to drive on my own but It’s also beautiful thing that I have many colleges who are driving next me, sometimes we shout and sometimes we laugh, sometimes we cry but it’s nice we drive next each others.

  photo by Rachel Cherry


July 21, 2017